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Apple makes macOS Catalina available to everyone

Apple today released the latest version of its macOS Catalina operating system. Anyone who has a compatible Apple computer can download the system straight from the App Store.

macOS Catalina includes several changes, including removes the iTunes application (yes, it finally happened), adds Music, Podcasts and TV applications. ITunes is divided into these three applications, at the same time ending an era. iTunes enabled millions of people to buy music in a simple and enjoyable way, but now the era of streaming has arrived. Apple Music or Spotify - this is what most people use today, hardly anyone downloads music as a file.

The changes also apply to managing devices with iOS and iPad OS. Until now it could be done through iTunes, now we need to search for the function in the Finder. We access Apple ID by visiting System Settings.

There is a new Sidecar function that allows you to turn your iPad into a second display for Mac, you can even use Apple Pencil, so the tablet is used as a drawing device (graphic tablet) in Photoshop applications.

More information can be found on the official website macos catalina.

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