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Wiha returns to Youpin with an electric screwdriver

The German brand Wiha returns to the Youpin platform with a new product. Earlier a set was presented, among others 24 in 1 from Wiha, and so far managed all the screws that I had to unscrew. He helped repair the Xiaomi 4K drone, Acton electric skateboard, Xiaomi Mi 6 and when replacing the battery in the car key. The 24 set in 1 has a manual screwdriver, new on Youpin is a universal screwdriver, 2 in 1. It can work manually, and if necessary you can use the help of an electric drive.

Xiaomi Wiha

The dimensions of the new Wiha screwdriver are 168 mm x 36 mm x 36 mm. At the front there is an LED diode that is designed to illuminate the workplace. Together with the screwdriver we will receive an extension tip 105 mm, it is a pity that the manufacturer did not attach the bent tip to hard-to-reach places.

The set also includes eight magnet terminals and a charging cable. A built-in battery is required for the electric drive to work. The new Wiha screwdriver has a 1500 mAh cell. To charge, use a USB type C socket. Charging to full takes 90 minutes, the manufacturer ensures that the battery charged to 100% is enough to screw the 120 screws.

In my opinion, this is an interesting "hybrid". At the beginning we use an electric drive to make the first "light movements", when the screwdriver encounters a lot of resistance then the electric motor will stop working and you will need to tighten your muscles tightly. I already had a Xiaomi electric screwdriver of similar design, but it was too weak. To loosen the screw I had to use a second screwdriver. The new Wiha product solves this problem because I can loosen and unscrew the screw with an electric drive using the same tool.

The Wiha electric screwdriver has been priced in China at 199 yuan, $ 28. The new product is currently in a crowdfunding campaign. For three days he collected 203% of the amount needed, namely 809 522 yuan, or $ 113 000. Shipping to the first people will start 9 October 2019 year.

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